Building Confidence with a Boudoir Photoshoot

Whilst there are many reasons for ladies to have a boudoir photoshoot, one of the common reasons is to build self-confidence.

Why do women lose self confidence?

The ageing and family process have a lot to do with this. Most of us tend to put on some weight and for women who have had children this can be a greater concern. Managing children is difficult and time consuming and can reduce the time spent on making one self look beautiful. Less time on hair and makeup, getting into a rut on wardrobe where casual clothes become the norm. All these conspire to reduce ones confidence. Hanging around similar people makes it harder to escape.

Add separation / divorce and a women can hit rock bottom in the confidence department.

How can a boudoir photoshoot help?

This can be a real turning point in the confidence stakes as stripping down to lingerie can be quite confronting, especially to a male photographer. The nerves quickly disappear and the boudoir photoshoot experience can be quite liberating and enjoyable.

I get lots of feedback about how life changing the boudoir experience can be which make me feel like I have done a great job. Presenting beautiful images completes the experience.

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