Posing for Pinup, Boudoir and Portrait Photoshoots

A lot of people are nervous about posing especially if they have never done it before.

Back in day when film cameras ruled. Posing has to be more precise as less shots were taken. Now that digital cameras are used, the photographer can take lots of shots and dispose of the images that didn’t work. This means you can relax a lot more and let the photographer guide you through poses in the theme of the shoot.

How to pose for different themes:

Pinup Photography – this needs to be sexy whilst you are having fun with it. Our distinct pinup scenes make this easy to enjoy.










Boudoir Photography – sexy and intimate. I ask models to not think about the photographer but rather imagine who these images are for and what message they want to present. We have a number of unique boudoir scenes to make these images alluring.











Portrait Photography – Nice headshots can really present a persons personality, Some can be serious and others can be with a nice smile. The photographer will help you with different poses and expressions.

Modelling and Social Media Portfolios

One of the biggest mistakes new models make is to mix their personal images with their modelling images.


This is because many prospective clients view modelling social media profiles to get first look at a model and make judgements on what they see. Pictures of off duty models wearing grungy clothing, messy hair and little makeup can instantly turn some one off.

What should you do?

Have no link between personal and modelling social media portfolios. That way you can you can ensure viewers only see what you want them to see.


Building Confidence with a Boudoir Photoshoot

Whilst there are many reasons for ladies to have a boudoir photoshoot, one of the common reasons is to build self-confidence.

Why do women lose self confidence?

The ageing and family process have a lot to do with this. Most of us tend to put on some weight and for women who have had children this can be a greater concern. Managing children is difficult and time consuming and can reduce the time spent on making one self look beautiful. Less time on hair and makeup, getting into a rut on wardrobe where casual clothes become the norm. All these conspire to reduce ones confidence. Hanging around similar people makes it harder to escape.

Add separation / divorce and a women can hit rock bottom in the confidence department.

How can a boudoir photoshoot help?

This can be a real turning point in the confidence stakes as stripping down to lingerie can be quite confronting, especially to a male photographer. The nerves quickly disappear and the boudoir photoshoot experience can be quite liberating and enjoyable.

I get lots of feedback about how life changing the boudoir experience can be which make me feel like I have done a great job. Presenting beautiful images completes the experience.

How Much does a photoshoot cost?

A common question is how much does a photoshoot cost.

The can vary in price depending on the experience of the photographer and whether there is and expensive studio with staff involved which will drive the prices up. Many studios will charge a small booking fee of somewhere around $50 per person which will often include makeup and then charge for prints and online portfolios which can often unexpectedly end up very pricey. Our studio has low overheads despite having a lot of variety of settings. We quote upfrontĀ  and then no more to pay once agreed. Usually a 2 hour studio shoot is $295 and you will get 30 edited images delivered online. You can ring Margaret on 0408 998 107 to find out more.