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Melbourne Weddings

Basic Wedding Photography Package:

$1350.00 – Melbourne Metro area price.

This includes 6 hours of wedding photography from the brides house, through to the wedding service, family photography in the gardens, some location photography around Melbourne or surrounding suburbs.

If time allows then mock cutting the cake at the reception centre. If you require extra photography time before your reception,this is charged at $100 per 1/2 hour inc gst.

All wedding photos will be placed on a USB and will be copyright free.

A Typical Wedding Photography session.

Melbourne Metro area Arrive at brides 12.30pm for 1.5 hrs photography.

Leave 2pm to get to ceremony (time depends on travelling time) Pictures of groom arriving, bride arriving to ceremony.

Ceremony 3pm -3.50pm 3.50pm-4.30pm :

Ceremony pictures – family pictures outside of wedding ceremony location. location pictures

6pm : Arrive reception for mock cake cutting. 6.30pm : Photographer leaves

Additional Extras:

Wedding Photography at the grooms house – 1 hr $200.00 (time permitting & location)

Reception Wedding Photos – 4 hr reception photography – $800.00

USB will be ready about 4-8 weeks after your wedding.

Call Margaret on 0408 998 107 to discuss your Melbourne Wedding needs….

A good pre wedding gift idea is Boudoir Photography

Wedding Photography Melbourne - Melbourne Photographer
Our Melbourne Wedding Photographer will make you feel special on your wedding day and ensure you get the money shots so you can create a beautiful wedding album.
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A Melbourne Church is an amazing place for photography but attention needs to be on the lighting as Melbourne Churches have very dim lighting.
Wedding Photography Melbourne - Funny Photos
The Groom and Groomsman can often be bored with Wedding Photography so its important to have some fun with them and create some funny wedding photos so they feel part of it.
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A lot of post wedding photo imaging occurs after a wedding to ensure there are some very creative and special images that the bride and groom will want to show everyone.
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Melbourne has some of the best wedding locations in the world so when possible at least a couple of them should be visited as the images can make your wedding album really pop!
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Candid Wedding Photography has grown over the years and many clients ask for it in preference to the posed images that look like they were created in a studio.