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About 90% of my boudoir photography clients in Melbourne have never done a boudoir photoshoot before and are very, very nervous. The prospect of being in front of a photographer you don’t know in lingerie would be reason enough not to do it for most but for the ladies who are game the experience is one they are glad they did. My most important job is making a client feel at ease with myself and I feel I am very good at doing that. I take the time upfront to explain how the photoshoot will run and what you will get with it. I put emphasis on relaxing and stress that not every photo will be a winner but many will and sometimes the unexpected ones bring great results. I will assist you with posing and set the scenes and props. I will help you match up your lingerie /outfits with my sets. I also have additional outfits to supplement yours. Bring your own special ideas along as well. My 2 hour session is plenty of time to get a large variety of different looking images. Its your own portfolio as I would do for professional models. Once you get past the scary, you’ll be having fun and you’ll want to enjoy every moment of it.

Boudoir is the specialty of our Studio in Melbourne and is very popular for all age groups. There are many good reasons to do a photoshoot including:
•Modelling Portfolio – A must for all models to want a great portfolio.
•Self-Appreciation – Just to get a beautiful photos of yourself to remind you how beautiful you are.
•A Gift for your partner – A really good, birthday, engagement, or wedding present.
•Build Confidence – There is no better way than a photoshoot to boost your confidence.
•Celebrate a Weightless Milestone – Booking ahead helps motivate for a weight loss program.
•Just because you want to – Why not, you deserve too!

How much does our boudoir photoshoot cost:

Boudoir Express – $130
Half Hour
1 Scene
5 Edited Images delivered via online password protected gallery

Boudoir Basic – $200
One Hour
2 Scenes
10 Edited Images delivered via online password protected gallery
Unlimited use of all images

Boudoir Basic Plus – $250
1.5 Hours
2 Scenes
15 Edited Images delivered via online password protected gallery
Unlimited use of all images

Boudoir Deluxe -$295
2 Hours
3 Scenes
20 Edited Images delivered via online password protected gallery
Unlimited use of all images

Boudoir Deluxe Plus – $375
3 Hours
4 Scenes
30 Edited images delivered via online password protected gallery
Unlimited use of all images

Hair and makeup.
You are welcome to do this yourself or we can recommend a place for you to get this done.

Our prices are very competitive and you will pay no more. Whilst other offer $50 deals which end up costing $1000+, our charges are as agreed upfront.

This is not just a photo shoot but an experience!

Gift Certificates can be provided and are valid for 12 months upon purchase. They are non-transferable.

Please call Margaret now on 0408 998-107 for find out more about our Boudoir Photoshoot offer or fill out our contact form below.

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We also do Pinup Photography

Boudoir Photography Melbourne - Inked Girls
Boudoir Photography is very popular with inked girls. The colour in tattoos make the images come alive. A boudoir photoshoot is the perfect way to show off all your beautiful tattoos.
Boudoir Photography Melbourne - Alternative Girls
Lots of Alternative girls are having boudoir photography done. They work hard on their appearance with stunning hair colors, piercings and tattoos. A boudoir setting is a great way to capture their beauty and my studio is perfect to do this in.
Boudoir Photography Melbourne - Studio Photoshoots
Our studio has a number of settings to capture beautiful boudoir lingerie photoshoots. This will add contrast to the typical bedroom boudoir scene. If you love lingerie then you need to be photographed in every outfit.
Boudoir Photography Melbourne - Sexy Boudoir
Black lingerie looks fantastic in our setting with the one of the best poses with the middle back arched. This one is a must for your boudoir photography portfolios.
Boudoir Photography Melbourne - Women who love Lingerie
If you are one of the many women who love fine lingerie and have an outstanding collection then why not show it off in our amazing boudoir studio. Lots of outfit changes to ensure we capture them all.
Boudoir Photography Melbourne - Beauty in the Mirror
You can use our beautiful dresser setup for your boudoir photoshoots. The images will be stunning so please call us to make a booking. We have lots of other wonderful setups to highlight your beauty in.
Boudoir Photography Melbourne - Red Heads Rock!
I love images of red heads because the colour adds real character to the images. If you are a red head then please book in soon and we can make some lovely images.
Boudoir Photography Melbourne - Mature Ladies
Boudoir Photography is for ladies of all ages (over 18). Never think you are too old and beauty is like wine and only gets better with age. This will make a great gift idea of you partner.
Boudoir Photography Melbourne - sexy, intimate, and erotic.
Your boudoir photoshoot can be as sexy, intimate and erotic to ensure you needs are met. Don’t be shy and call us to discuss your boudoir photoshoot needs. A perfect gift for you partner and they will love you for it.