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Boudoir Photography Melbourne

Our Studio in Melbourne creates beautiful intimate candid glamour boudoir images just for women in Melbourne. If you are in Melbourne and would like beautiful boudoir images, then please contact us.

Call Marg on 0408 998 107    Photography Packages

Boudoir Photography Melbourne is the specialty of our Studio and is very popular for all age groups. There are many good reasons to do a photoshoot including:
•Modelling Portfolio – A must for all models to want a great portfolio.
•Self-Appreciation – Just to get a beautiful photos of yourself to remind you how beautiful you are.
•A Gift for your partner – A really good, birthday, engagement, or wedding present that will be treasured.
•Build Confidence – There is no better way than a boudoir photography session to boost your confidence. Your nerves will disappear quickly!
•Celebrate a Weightless Milestone – Booking ahead helps motivate for a weight loss program.
•Just because you want to – Why not, you deserve too!
Our prices are very competitive and you will pay no more. Whilst other offer $50 deals which end up costing $1000+, our charges are as agreed upfront.
This is not just a photo shoot but an experience so don’t be shy!