Portrait Photography Melbourne – Stunning & Beautiful Portraits

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Michael Ritter Photography Melbourne can create special portraits that bring out the beauty in its subjects. Whether its a family photo, or individual portraits, our images will provide everlasting memories in your home. We can do simply portraits on our white studio area or something different on our variety of feature floor/wall combinations. Just perfect for the ladies of Melbourne.

Please call Margaret on 0408 998-107 to discuss you portrait needs.

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Portrait Photography Melbourne - Cheap Prices
Our Portrait Photography Prices are well below those of the bigger photography companies as we have lower overheads and provide a more personal service to ensure great portraits.
Portrait Photography Melbourne - Fun Portraits
We can create fun portraits to bring our your personality and let you shine. Our photographer will make you feel comfortable and will help you with your posing technique to make it all easy.
Portrait Photography Melbourne - Family Portraits
We create portraits for families as well as individuals. Getting a family portrait done is a great way to celebrate your family and provide great memories for a life time.
Portrait Photography Melbourne - Portaits for Alternative Ladies
If you are an alternative lady then we can create special portrait images just for you. Being colourful adds great personality to portraits so we welcome you to enquire now.
Portrait Photography Melbourne - Fashion Portraits
If you love fashion then get a portrait photoshoot done in all your beautiful outfits is well worth the small price we charge. You can create you own coffee table book with images just of you!
Portrait Photography Melbourne - Candid Portraits
We can create beautiful candid portraits of you. We can work inside the studio or go out on location in some nice area so we can make candid images to for future memories.
Portrait Photography Melbourne - Sexy Portraits
Lets create sexy portraits so you can give these as a gift to your special partner. Please imagine their face when they see the sexy portraits for the first time and then every other time they want to look.