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Our Glamour Shoot is very tasteful and would make a fantastic gift for you partner. We will give you the best Boudoir / Lingerie or Glamour shot that will make you feel special. We are in Melbourne.

Glamour Photography or Boudoir Photography is a genre of photography where we provide a professional photographer who can create beautiful and memorable images. Our studio is setup to provide the right mood with backdrops, lighting, vintage chaise lounge, modern white leather lounge, other furniture and props to create a variety of stunning photos.
Here are some great reasons to get a glamour shoot:
· It’s a private personal feel good thing to do to remind yourself you are beautiful!
· Show off the new you after a weight loss program!
· Celebrate a divorce!

· Treat your husband for a special occasion – wedding present, birthday present!

· Kick off a modelling career with some sexy and sensual images!

· Melbourne is the home of glamour and boudoir photography!

What to bring:

· Yourself!

· Your own outfits – lingerie (red, black, white, cream, vintage, lace, silk, latex), corset, leather boots, gowns, dresses, bikinis, body stockings, fishnet stockings, high heels, bondage accessories and anything else you would like.

· Posing practice not required as we’ll will make you feed quite comfortable and help you guide you.

· Makeup with Red Lipstick or we can provide a makeup person (additional cost)

· Bring your own ideas for a glamour shoot you would like to do.

Are you game?

We can make this photo shoot as daring, revealing, erotic and intimate as you would like but equalling stunning and beautiful images can be created whilst not having to be revealing at all. The most beautiful and elegant lingerie usually covers the body adequately to give the same glamour and artistic effect without being too intimate. Implied nude techniques can also give the appearance of nudity whilst being clothed. Our photographer will be very discreet!

How much does our glamour photoshoot cost:

You can view our packages below.

You will be able to download them from our Pixieset Webpage.

Makeup. You are welcome to do this yourself or we can do your makeup for you.

There are many companies offering a photoshoot for $50. These photoshoots can cost over $1000 once you include getting photos.

We are not like that and will give you and upfront quote that will be in your budget. There are no other costs once quoted!

This is not just a photo shoot but an experience! Just for the ladies of Melbourne.

We also do Pinup Photography


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