Model Portfolios Melbourne – Great Portfolios for Models

We can creative stunning images for aspiring models of Melbourne in our studio that can cater to many different themes.. Fashion Modelling, Lingerie Modelling, Alt Modelling, and Artistic Modelling

Modelling is a very competative industry in Melbourne and creating a very artistic portfolio with lots of diversification in genre’s can significantly improve a Model’s chances. Here at Glamour Studios Melbourne, our photographer who can create stunning images in a variety of genre’s including fashion, glamour, boudoir, lingerie, vintage, retro, rockabilly or just headshots. At Glamour Studios, we have lots of different floor / wall combinations that will make one photoshoot session look like you have had many. This provides good value as well as a good way for the Models of Melbourne to get their portfolio started.

Here are some great reasons to create your Modelling Portfolio with us!

· Our Melbourne photographer is experienced in all styles!

· Our unique floor and wall combinations look awesome in photos!

· Your time will be well spent as you will get lots of different looks!

· Studio photography is in a class of its own compared to city photoshoots.

What to bring:

· Yourself!

· Your own outfits – bring whatever you can as they can all look good. We also have a variety of outfits you can wear.

· Posing practice not required as we’ll will make you feed quite comfortable and help you guide you.

· Makeup with Red Lipstick or we can provide a makeup person (additional cost)

· Bring your own concepts along that you would like to shoot.

Are you ready ?

Right from the start we will make you feel comfortable and work with you to create beautiful images. We will provide lots of variety so you will create your portfolio quickly!

How much does our photoshoot cost:

How much does our modelling photoshoot cost:

$295.00 includes a 2 hour photoshoot session and you get 30 beautiful images. You will be able to download them from our Pixieset Webpage.

Hair and makeup. You are welcome to do this yourself or we can recommend a place for you to get this done.

There are many companies offering a photoshoot for $50. These photoshoots can cost over $1000 once you include getting photos.

We are not like that and will give you and upfront quote that will be in your budget. There are no other costs once quoted!

This is not just a photo shoot but an experience for any Melbourne Model!

Would you like to call us to discuss further?

Then please call Margaret on 0408 998-107

We also do Boudoir Photography and Pinup Photography

Modelling Portfolios Melbourne - Cheap Model Portfolios
We have the best prices in Melbourne to create a cost effective portfolio for your modelling career. We have lots of settings and props to provide lots of variety of images.
Modelling Portfolios Melbourne - Boudoir Photography
Boudoir Photography is a must to add to your Modelling Portfolio. Enquire now to find out more about our offers and book soon to avoid missing out.
Modelling Portfolios Melbourne - Breakfast at Tiffanys
The Breakfast at Tiffany’s setting is one of my favourites and adds class and variety to you modelling portfolio. Please browse the other images at our website to see what we can do.
Modelling Portfolios Melbourne - Bathtub Photography
Bathtub Photography is a must to add to your modelling portfolio. It adds an extra dimension to demonstrate flexibility in the type of images you will model for.
Modelling Portfolios Melbourne - Agency Models
Agency Models also need great portfolios to attract good paying clients. Have a great portfolio with lots of variety helps the client to imagining you in there setting.
Modelling Portfolios Melbourne - Runway Models
Runway Models can diversify their portfolios with images in different settings other than runways. Our prices are cheap compared to high end studios and we quote all costs upfront.
Modelling Portfolios Melbourne - Fashion Models
Most modelling jobs are in the fashion industry so your portfolio needs to have some simple fashion images with plain white backgrounds as most catalogues are similar.
Modelling Portfolios Melbourne - Fitness Models
The fitness industry is huge so fitness models are always in demand. If you are toned then get the gym gear on and add these images to your modelling portfolio.
Modelling Portfolios Melbourne - Pinup Models
We have a good collection of pinup and vintage outfits so we can add this to your portfolio just to add some colour and more variety. You may even like the style and we have settings to match.
Modelling Portfolios Melbourne - Artistic Lingerie Photography
If you have a good lingerie collection then bring those along so we can create some artistic lingerie images.