Nude Photography Melbourne – Art Nude Implied Erotic

Our Professional Photographer has the artistic touch to create beautiful and graceful, erotic nude photography. Couple photography is also available. Our studio is in Melbourne.

Nude Photography or Implied Nude Photography is a genre of photography where the human body can be appreciated as an art form and lets you get in touch with your sexuality. Even the shy feel comfortable in our Melbourne studio and beautiful images are created.

Here are some great reasons to get an artistic photo shoot:

· Give a gift to your loved one. It should be an amazing surprise.

· Great for a portfolio or adult entertainment!

· Tick it off your bucket list and way more daring than parachuting!

· Just appreciate your body and how beautiful it is!

· Highlight your best body parts in close up photography!

· Melbourne is the home of nude and erotic photography!

What to bring:

· Yourself and no inhibitions.

· Your own outfits – anything sexy that will add some colour or beauty to the nude photography.

· Posing practice not needed as our photographer will guide you all the way.

· Makeup with Red Lipstick or we can provide a makeup person (additional cost)

· Bring your own concepts for the nude shoot you would like to do.

Are up for it?

We can make this photo shoot as daring, revealing, erotic and intimate as you would like but equalling stunning and beautiful images can be created whilst not having to be revealing at all. Implied nude techniques can also give the appearance of nudity whilst being clothed. Our photographer will be very discreet!

How much does our photoshoot cost:

How much does our nude photoshoot cost:

$295.00 includes a 2 hour photoshoot session and you get 30 beautiful images. You will be able to download them from our Pixieset Webpage.

Hair and makeup. You are welcome to do this yourself or we can recommend a place for you to get this done.

There are many companies offering a photoshoot for $50. These photoshoots can cost over $1000 once you include getting photos.

We are not like that and will give you and upfront quote that will be in your budget. There are no other costs once quoted!

This is not just a photo shoot but an experience for the ladies of Melbourne!

Would you like to call us to discuss further?

Then please call Margaret on 0408 998 107

Nude Photography Melbourne - Artistic Nude
Our private studio will enhance you ability to express yourself in artistic nude photography. If you haven’t attempted nude photography before then try now, no need to be shy.


Nude Photography Melbourne - B&W Photos
We create both colour and black and white images to make you look artistic, sensual and sexy. This will make a memorable gift for your partner who will treasure these always.
Nude Photography Melbourne - Best Prices
Our Nude Photography Prices are very competitive and there are no extras to pay afterwards like many other studios. We will quote the price upfront so you can be confident on its affordability.
Nude Photography Melbourne - Erotic Nude Photoshots
We can shoot Erotic Nude Photoshoots of a non-sexual nature as we want to keep our images classy. Our photographer will make you feel very comfortable to ensure great results.
Nude Photography Melbourne - for the Ladies
The only age barrier for the ladies of Melbourne to do a nude photoshoot is you have to be over 18 years old. There after beauty grows with age so its never to late to get nude photography.